What is self care, really?

Do you cringe every time you hear a lifestyle guru or your favorite blogger talk about ‘Self Care’? Is it because you know you don’t do enough? Or you just don’t have the time? Don’t know where to start? I was one of those people for so many years. I used every excuse in the book.

I have what I think is an unusual view of self-care. It’s very personal for me. I don’t really listen to the chatter of social media and relate it to my outward appearance. This seems to be a strong message when there is talk about self-care online. I am not one to get a mani or pedi.  I like a good haircut or treatment but it only happens a few times a year. I have never been one to wear makeup or feel complicated skin care routines are necessary.

I try to listen to my inner voice about what I really need. If external treatments are what you need to feel more centered – I get that – but for me, I always turn to working on my soul to truly feel grounded.

I acknowledge the signals from my body telling me when I need to take care. When my anxiety increases, frustration creeps up or my sleep patterns get wonky I take notice. You have to check in with yourself.  Stay connected.

Here are a few things that have worked for me to stay centered and able to keep on track.

1. Meditation: I have a love/hate relationship with my meditation practice. There are sometimes when I avoid it and sometimes when I can’t get enough. I find when I combine it with yoga it is an amazing and transformative exercise for my inner self. It not only keeps me physically grounded by calling on me to feel the ground I am sitting or standing on but I work on my Trataka gaze. I find when I can focus on a single spot or item that my practice deepens and my body responds to poses more freely and with less effort.

2. Naps: Some think napping will mess up their night rhythms and throw off their whole day. I am not talking about a 3 hour, under the covers, pull the curtains kind of nap. What I mean is lie on your bed or couch with your body fully supported in a quiet space with the sun streaming in the window for 20 – 30 minutes. If you wake up but don’t spring into action and need a few more minutes that is fine but no more than an hour from the time you lie your head down to when you stand upright. Sometimes my naps get away from me and I can’t seem to shake it off but that is usually when I haven’t slept well several nights and I need to catch up. Listen to your body. Don’t beat yourself up.

3. Reviewing or making goals: This might stress some people out but it sets my heart on fire. I love taking a look around and pulling my scattered ideas all into one place so I can reenergize my path. Setting goals makes your dreams come true. I take some time every month to think about the coming month and even in the coming year. I also visualize myself as I want to be. Like the ultimate view of me. Write it down with free-flowing abandon.

There I go making a list again! I would love to hear your feedback. Drop me a line to tell me what you do for self-care.

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Just bee…. Melissa Dee



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