Why Do I Love Making Lists?

It is January. The month where we all look at our life and dream of something bigger, better, happier. I make lists. I make lists to work on my budget, myself, our garden, my projects, the house, my goals. See what I did there? I just made a list about making lists.

I just love making lists. Do I complete every item on every list? Nope, but I get motivated by making them and I feel a little less disorganized. Sometimes the things I write on my lists stay in my mind but sometimes they float away. If I find a list hanging around I look at it again and it sparks my original thought or better yet it sends me in a new direction.

What are my top 3 reasons for making a list?

  1. Set intention in everyday life. Everyday life can seem like it just runs on autopilot. Why not make our everyday life have a clear intention? Why does something like shopping for clothes or cleaning tasks need to happen automatically and without planning? Better yet write down your intentions for each piece of clothing you plan to buy or make a timed list for the cleaning tasks so you can have the rest of the day to feed your other passions. Great ideas on these subjects can be found by searching ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ or ‘Cleaning Checklists’ on Pinterest.
  2. Setting goals moves you forward. Have you ever run a race? Put yourself in the shoes of a runner and sign up for the race that is the life you want. Set a goal with a finish line and just sign up, pay the entry fee and make a list of how you plan to get there. Goals are the way to show ourselves that we have a clear intention for this life we have been given. Make it happen. Only you can.
  3. Writing it down makes it real. I have ignored my finances many times in my life. Just keep pulling out my debit or credit cards because “I deserve it. I work hard.” But let me tell you when you sit down with your bank accounts and really write down what you spend in each category you will be shocked at what you are really spending. Check out www.everydollar.com for budgeting tips and get making that money-saving, life-changing list!

Just bee……Love Melissa Dee

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4 Replies to “Why Do I Love Making Lists?”

  1. Hi there blogger. This is great!! So funny that we are so alike in where we are as writers. I just had my second class on how to write a sermon. This weeks homework assignment is 600 -800 words. 😯
    I feel good about ir. A much needed brain exercise. πŸ’πŸ’


    1. Holy moly 600-800 words that is cray crazy! I hope to get there but it will be a long while. I bet you are great at writing. Just like writing a song. πŸ’• I am loving the process and super motivated to keep going! now if I could just quit my job and write full time. 😜 That will happen someday I think. xoxo Thanks for reading it!!


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