Just Bee…

Where does the tagline Just bee… come from?  Well, I use that phrase often. In my head, out loud, at work, with friends. It has endless possibilities. And well…. it’s all in my name. ;o)

Just bee kind, peaceful, ambitious, confident, relaxed, grateful, real, compassionate, healthy… What word would you add to this phrase? Comment below. I would love to add it to my list.

Melissa means Honey Bee. My great aunt, Melissa Plummer was an amazing woman. A world traveler and the Dean of an all-girls college in Pennsylvania. She always spoke of what women could do. What power we had and the need for exploration. I didn’t get the adventure gene as I am more of a homebody. There is power in that lifestyle too. I still hear her message even when I am not on the move. I am incredibly lucky to bear her name.

My middle name, Dee, was also a family name. There was a Donna Dee and a Harold Dee on my Father’s side. I didn’t know Donna and only met Harold once in my life. It isn’t a name I have ever heard on its own. Maybe DeeDee or short for something like Deidre or Deanna. I always have to spell it out so people don’t think it is just an initial. Nope…. it is a whole word. Dee. I like how unusual it is.

What is your tagline? Do you have a phrase that you try and live by? How did you come to use it? Would love to hear from you!

Just bee… xo Melissa Dee



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