What Feeds Your Soul?

Music has and always will feed my soul. With access to anything via YouTube you can go back to the days of music videos and seek out your favorite – or better yet – new artists. Ya, you heard me right… they still make music videos!

I don’t know about you but I remember the days when MTV started and played videos 24/7. It was glorious being a teen in those days. Snow days consisted of curling up on the floor in front of the TV with some snacks and cozy blankets to watch a string of videos. Songs that I would have skipped over if they were on the radio were transformed into a whole version just by attaching a story.

I still feel like that kid today when I get some time to do a little music exploration. It usually happens after everyone else has gone to bed. I sit on the couch with my headphones tuned in and start by finding an old favorite. The cool thing about YouTube is the autoplay feature. It is like they know what you want to hear next! You can let one video run and after it finishes it will float in the next and it will become a new favorite. You can also save things you love on your own playlist so you can play what you like all in a row anytime you feel like it.

Here is a recent run of videos I discovered… or rediscovered.

Just when I think I have seen every version of a favorite band I find a new one.

This is Piet… he is a fellow MTV Gen kid. We had the same snow days back in the day.


I dream that I sing like Rachel. You probably will have those same dreams after watching this.

You can even find a full concert like you stumbled on it when walking down a back alley in a super hip city.

Or Maybe a band you wouldn’t normally have in your playlist surprises you and offers a whole new perspective. Thank you, NPR for letting use sneak behind the scenes.


And there is nothing like having old friends on repeat. I am so lucky to know so many great musicians and have access to their beautiful music anytime I want to have a visit.

I would love to hear what feeds your soul. Comment back and give me a little glimpse into what you love or what you are listening to.

Just bee….. xo Melissa Dee

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